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Upgrading Your Commercial Garage Doors for Comfort and Safety

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The owner or manager of a commercial facility needs to give consideration to every aspect of that facility, including the garage doors. You may not have given these doors much thought yourself but if they need to be replaced, you might take the opportunity to upgrade them for the comfort and safety of your staff. Note your options, from place like 89 Enterprises, and how they can make the space more secure and more comfortable for everyone.

1. Adding mesh screen doors

Many production facilities get very warm and stuffy and in turn, downright uncomfortable for workers. The heat of the facility can also affect production and materials, as fluids can evaporate and chemicals can be affected by excess heat.

You may want to offset this by opening the garage or delivery doors but this may not be very safe, if they're not monitored by a security staff. A good solution is to add mesh screen doors to the outside or inside of your garage doors. You can keep the main door open while keeping the screen door locked and secure. In turn, you can let out heat and not need to spend so much on air conditioning and ensure that your staff and your production are kept comfortable and also safe.

2. Adding blast-resistant doors

No one likes to think of a terrorist attack happening, and thieves and intruders may also try homemade dynamite and other explosives to open your delivery doors and get into your facility. When it's time to upgrade your commercial facility's door, consider opting for a blast-resistant type. This may be made of a thicker steel than a standard aluminum door and it may have panels that absorb a blast and spread it along the length of the door, rather than bending out of shape or breaking apart. This can keep your facility and your staff safe in case of an attack or attempted break-in.

3. Choosing roller doors

If your garage doesn't have roller doors it may be time to make a change, as roller doors typically last longer without needed repair than doors that run on a track. Remember that no matter how sturdy the construction of the entryway doors, every time they are raised and lowered this puts pressure on the track. Tracks that pull away from the wall or that get pulled out of shape are a common problem with heavy commercial doors, so consider a roller model instead. The panels of the door disperse its weight so it doesn't have as much pull, and in turn you may see fewer repair jobs needed for your doors.