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Features to Choose for a Large Farm Shed for Your Property

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A large farm shed can provide you the space you need to store your tractor, lawn care equipment, grain and other farming materials, or for working. They can be less expensive than an actual garage and may come in a wider variety of styles and materials than garages. When you are ready to choose a large farm shed for your property, note a few features you should consider including so you know you'll be happy with your shed for years to come.

1. Whirlybirds

A whirlybird is a blade attached to the top of a vent pipe on the roof of your farm shed. This can help to increase ventilation in the shed as the whirlybird will move the air, not just let it escape out the vent pipe. If you are going to be storing anything that may kick up dust, such as gravel or bags of cement, or anything that may create hazardous fumes, such as fertilizer, consider a whirlybird attachment. This is also good if you want to work on a vehicle during winter months and don't want to keep the shed doors open, as you won't get a buildup of carbon monoxide so easily when you run an engine underneath a whirlybird.

2. Gravel flooring

Installing a concrete pad under your shed can be expensive, and it keeps you from moving the shed in the future if you should decide it would work better in another spot on your property. A better choice might be gravel or driveway-quality pebbles for the ground. Your contractor can help you choose the right type that would work well for your particular needs; you don't want something that will be rough underfoot if you will be working in your shed but also don't want such a small gravel that it gets trampled easily. A contractor may also tamp down the gravel before the shed is installed so it doesn't get scattered.

3. Loft storage

A simple shed may provide basic storage, but a loft storage area can mean even more space for storing bags of supplies and everything else without taking up a larger footprint on your property. Depending on the height of shed you choose, the loft may actually double the storage space in a compact space. Don't try to simply add beams to create a loft space after the shed is built--to ensure the frame is strong enough to hold this added weight, so have a contractor build this or choose a shed with a loft.