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Steps to Installing an Opener for Your Automatic Garage Doors

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When it comes to DIY garage opener installation, there are a number of steps that you should follow. One thing to note before you decide to install a new automatic garage door opener is that the garage door itself operates via pulleys and springs, not the opener itself. So if you are having trouble with your garage door, you should check on them first before you replace the opener. When in doubt, always consult professional contractors to handle the project for you.

Gather your tools

Before you start installing an opener for your automatic garage doors, you will need several items. These include the garage door opener, a stable ladder, a power drill, mounting boards, basic tools such as a hammer and pliers and some reinforcing steel if you have a lightweight garage door. After you have collected all the materials you will need, make a decision on the type of opener you would like to install. The most common option is one that uses a chain drive mechanism.

Secure the automatic garage doors

You should be able to secure the header bracket on top of the door and firmly fasten the power unit on the ceiling. For the people with lightweight doors, garage door stiffeners will be needed to be attached to the door itself. You can easily get T-brackets at your local hardware store or wherever you bought the opener for your automatic garage doors.

Assemble the parts

Unpack the opener and ensure that it has come with all the parts that you will need to install it. Start by assembling the rail. After you have done this, you should insert it into the power outlet. Put the movable unit (traveller) in position on the wall then proceed to attach the pulley on the other end of the rail. Affix the chain to the movable unit, around the power unit wheels, loop it around the pulley and finally back to the slider. Clip the ends of the chain together.

Fasten and secure the opener

Check the height that the manufacturer has stated for the header, and then mount it at that specific height. Secure the power unit above the rails of the garage door. The next step would be firmly fastening the power unit to the ceiling of the garage. There are usually some mounting straps that come together with the power unit. Check the garage door manually to ensure that it does not hit the power unit when opened. Secure a linkage assembly on the traveller and this is what will attach the opener to the bracket of the door.  Centre the door bracket then put up the control panel on the garage door. You should then connect the wires from the control panel to the power unit. Connect the traveller and the door bracket, then switch on the power supply to test your new opener.