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Fort Knox: How to Keep Your Garage Secure

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Your garage can contain items which are just as valuable as anything you keep locked up safe and secure in your home, such as your car, garden equipment and expensive tools. However, because they are generally more isolated when compared to the rest of a property, your garage can also be vulnerable to attack by thieves. Below are 5 tips to help you keep your garage safe and secure.

Keep the Door Closed and Locked

This might sound obvious, but you should never leave your garage door in the open position, even if you are at home. Anyone passing on the street will be able to look straight into your garage to see if anything that appeals to them is kept inside, increasing the risk that thieves will return later to attempt to break into your garage. By keeping the door closed you eliminate this risk. When not in use, you should also keep garage doors and windows locked to prevent the entry of opportunistic burglars.

Keep Your Code Secret

If you use a keypad to gain entry to your garage, you should make sure you keep the key code completely secret. When using the entering the code you should keep the keypad covered to prevent others from seeing the combination. You should also change the code on a regular basis to help keep your garage secure.

Light it Up

By installing security lights around you garage you can help to deter would be thieves by increasing the chance they will be seen during any attempted break-in. If you don't want a bigger energy bill, you could install motion sensor lights which will only light up when someone triggers them.

Add an Alarm System

You should also consider adding an alarm system to your garage door. A door sensor will transmit an audible alarm when the garage door is opened, which will discourage any thieves who are attempting to gain entry.

Keep the Keys Safe

If you are away from your home, you should always bring the garage door keys with you. If you leave them in the house or car, you run the risk that thieves, having broken into your home or carm will locate the garage keys and gain access to the property stored within the garage. 

By following these simple safety tips you can help to keep your garage and the property it contains safe from the risk of theft