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Four Garage Door Repairs or Improvements You Need to Improve the Efficiency of Your Garage Air Conditioner

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You are adding an air conditioner to your garage so that it is cool when you work on the car or do other projects in the garage. To make the most of your cooling efforts, you need to ensure you aren't losing cool air through your garage door. Here are four repairs or improvements you should consider:

1. Make sure springs are even.

The springs on your garage door are one of its most important parts. They have to have the right level of tension to keep your door even. To check on their position, close the door, and look at how well it fits next to your garage floor and the walls adjacent to the door.

If there are gaps or the door appears uneven, talk with a professional garage door repair person about repairing or replacing the springs so that your door closes properly.

2. Replace weather stripping.

Once you have ensured that your garage door closes correctly and tightly, look at the weather stripping around the door. There should be weather stripping around its base and sides. If it appears tattered or ripped, remove it and replace it. You can use a putty knife to pull loose the stripping, and then you just need to glue the new stripping in place. You can find weather stripping through many garage door suppliers or repair companies.

3. Automate your roller door.

Now that you have made repairs so your garage door closes correctly, you need to make sure that the door is closed as much as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes people forget to close their garage doors, or their children or other family members leave them open.

Automation helps you sidestep this issue. You can connect your garage door to a smart control that integrates with an app on your phone or laptop. If the door is left open, the program alerts you, and you can close the door remotely. That way, you don't ever have to worry about accidentally leaving the door open and having your air conditioner run on overdrive trying to cool down the whole neighbourhood.

4. Replace your door with an insulated garage door.

In lieu of repairing your garage door, consider replacing it with a more energy efficient door. Research suggests that an energy efficient garage door can reduce the amount of energy you lose by 71 percent. That helps to make your garage cooling efforts much more effective.