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When You Might Need Automatic Gate Repair

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Automatic gates can be a very convenient addition to both commercial and domestic properties, but they can cause real problems when they develop a fault. Whether your automatic gates are failing to open or close intermittently or they have stuck in one position, it is important that you arrange automatic gate repair through a place like Auto Gate Centre as quickly as possible. This will not only ensure that your gates are restored back to perfect working order, but will also ensure that no harm comes to people or vehicles passing under them while they are faulty.

When Automatic Gates Go Wrong

Whether you have automatic gates installed at a car park or on the boundary of your domestic property it is essential to maintain them and ensure they are working properly at all times if they are to provide the security and convenience features this type of gate should offer. Arranging automatic gate repair should be a fairly straightforward process, and there are many companies offering repair services that will be able to get to you quickly. 

Common Reasons For Automatic Gate Repair

There are many reasons why automatic gate repair may be required. Some of the most common include issues with batteries, problems after installation and issues that are caused by sudden drops or rises in temperature. If you hear your gate making a clicking sound, this could indicate that the battery solenoid switch is attempting to close, but can't because it doesn't have enough power to do so.  Also, if your gate isn't stopping where it is supposed to, this could be down to a component called the limit nut failing to hit the limit switch at the right time. If these components become misaligned they will need to be put back in position by an experienced engineer. 

Whether you are experiencing an intermittent fault with your automatic gate or a fault that prevents your automatic gate from functioning properly, arranging timely automatic gate repair will ensure your gate is restored back to perfect working order as quickly as possible. Due to the complexity and safety requirements of these gates, it is imperative that you choose an automatic gate repair company with years of experience in offering automatic gate repair. Not only will this ensure your gate is maintained to the highest possible standard, but will also ensure that you comply with any health and safety regulations that may be associated with your business